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Alex Adams / Owner

Alexandra Adams is a music teacher who is passionate about children and music. She has taught music classes in the Santa Barbara area for many years. Alex and Mondo, her husband, opened Yellow Bird Music in 2002 to share the gift of music with children and families.

Alex has a B.A. degree from UCSB in both Music and Drama and is active locally as a vocalist, guitarist and song writer. Through her teaching experience she has had the pleasure of watching countless children nurture and grow through music. 

“The effect that music has on a child is one of the most positive and creative methods of own self discovery I have seen. To be have a career such as this is a honor and a privilege.”

Alex began creating her own curriculum in 2010, writing original music and releasing CDs to accompany different, themed sessions at Yellow Bird Music. Each child receives their own Yellow Bird CD and instrument at the beginning of each session so they can bring the experience of Yellow Bird home!

Alex and Mondo have two beautiful children, Mateo and Amae.  They both love music and are regulars at Yellow Bird Music.

I absolutely love yellow bird music! Alex is such a sweet and loving teacher and has such a kind and loving way of teaching the children about music. Both of my boys participate in her classes and they always look forward to class. Her classes provide music education, motor development and socialization skills. I highly recommend her classes to all families!
— Amy L.

Lois Mahalia

Amanda Cheung
Yellow Bird Music piano teacher

Amanda Cheung is currently earning her undergraduate degrees in Psychological & Brain Sciences, B.S. and Music Studies, B.A
at University of California, Santa Barbara. She has studied piano for over 15 years, and since high school she has been teaching piano lessons to students of all ages, primarily 3 to 5 year olds.
Amanda creates her own curriculum that adapts to each
child's individual interests and needs. 


Lois Mahalia
Yellow Bird Music choir, voice, ukulele teacher 

Lois Mahalia first started singing at the age of five; her vocal styles are Jazz, R&B, Pop. Born in Guyana, South America and toured the Caribbean performing gospel music at various churches with her family. They moved to the United States in 1989 where she continued her career as a singer. Singing at venues in Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Reno, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and various resorts in Santa Barbara, the career of Lois Mahalia blossomed and she now flourishes as an entertainer. Now with her unique vocal talent well defined, she is collaborating with others as a songwriter, developing and performing her own original material.



What families are saying...

The CDs we received from Yellow Bird have helped our family out a lot when Olivia is upset.  We play her CDs and sing along and she instantly starts settling down.  We often just sing parts of a song for her and she smiles and gets excited.
— Amber N.
I am so grateful to have found Yellow Bird Music. I have two sons who have been attending Alex’s classes since they were young babies. I have gained so much from watching them grow up in these classes. Alex is always energetic, creative and in-touch with every single baby/toddler in class. I am so impressed with Alex’s innovation in making each class unique and exciting to be in. She uses and provides a variety of instruments from all around the world, many of which I’ve never seen before. I also enjoy how well she incorporates imaginative play, and has tons of puppets, toys and props to use within the music classes. I’ve also learned a lot about my child’s development through the classes, and I’ve been able to see new skills built through the sessions. Yellow Bird is a gem in Santa Barbara and I highly recommend it to all new families!
— Charlotte C.
Some of my favorite people in the world!
Hard pressed to find a more caring, loving place for children to explore music and creativity.
— Rob L.